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I created this blog mainly to be able to post photos of food here that did not fit my main website, where I post photos of couples, wedding, fashion and portraits. This is my little kingdom to which I can invite you as well. Food is not only about taste, but it is also about appearance, smell and texture.

My mother has always laughed that it is cheaper to dress me than to feed me ... And you know what, she is right :)

I got a love of cooking from home. Parents always paid attention to the products they bought. They were mainly products from local enterprises and small greenhouses. My family is big, I have two sisters (one is older by a year, the other by a year) and a younger brother. We had our own vegetable garden, and we dug potatoes (the most popular ingredient in most dishes in Poland) in the countryside at my grandma's (always in September). We harvested wheat, rye and oats at the beginning of August. In the summer, we went to the forest to pick blueberries. In the fall, our parents took us mushroom picking. And so, from childhood, we learned to respect food and the preparation process.

The first dish I prepared was angle wings. They are very popular, fried in oil, cookies prepared for Fat Thursday. One week before the start of Lent. A few days before I picked up a cookbook with black and white pictures. There was a step-by-step drawing of how to make them. I asked my dad to buy me the ingredients. Honestly, I don't remember how old I was then (probably something like 8). And so, within a few years, baking has become my form of relaxation, during which I have the opportunity to experiment with the ingredients, create something new and surprising!

When preparing meals, my mother always took the products in her hand and smelled them. Honestly, it made me laugh at this little ritual of hers. But over time I found myself doing the same! I take the product in my hand, close my eyes and breathe the air with all my strength and enjoy the smell.

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