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Hi, my name is Bernadeta!

I am a lover of sunrises, Italian cappuccino, dark chocolate, breathtaking views and magical light. I have lived in Scotland for several years. This place is famous for its dramatic landscapes and capricious weather and I fall in love with it. I prefer sunrises. I am calmed down by the sound of raindrops bouncing off the glass and window sill, and the sound of the waves. I call the kitchen my little kingdom. This is where I can live creatively by adding new ingredients, replacing those that already exist in the recipe.

Scotland is famous for its beautiful views. That is why I visit it length and breadth whenever I have the opportunity. Every time, whether I'm the first time in a given place or another, I stand with gratitude and a huge smile on my mouth.
Scotland is also a country where the weather changes faster and more often than a woman's mood. It is not for nothing that if you do not like the weather at the moment, just wait half an hour and it may change.

I founded this blog to share with you the beauty that surrounds me. I love baking and cooking, so in addition to beautiful landscapes, you'll also find recipes.

You can find my other work as a Scotland Wedding and Elopement Photographer here.

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