Dark Chocolate Fazer

I love sweets, whoever doesn't like them ... My grandmother used to laugh and said that sugar flows in my veins. Since I have been checking my sugar level regularly since thyroid surgery, he is fine. Although I will not say, there were moments of years ago that I could take a bar of milk chocolate, a book and eat it all in less than half an hour while reading. After a month of this mode of relaxation, I had to start running and buy new clothes ... Haha ... A few years ago, at an English course, a friend from Spain said very wise words that were etched permanently in my head: "eat dark chocolate, it's healthiest. And remember, you don't have to eat the whole plate, eat a few cubes, that's enough. " And so began my adventure with dark chocolate. I even have my little ritual: every morning I eat a bar of (large) dark chocolate for breakfast. This is my small dose of magnesium. I have my favourite dark chocolate, but I like to buy something new from time to time as soon as I can see in the store. I got Fazer chocolates from PI in March. He bought them at the airport on the way back from the Faroe Islands to Scotland. I only opened them now and I have to write that they are delicious. Gently melts in your mouth, which is what I like the most.

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