Wholemeal bread with caraway

Idyllic, Saturday morning. A wonderful fragrance that spreads throughout the house. The smell of bread. With caraway seeds.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 loaves of bread):
800g wheat flour
150g wholemeal rye flour
720g water (32 - 35ºC)
21g salt
4g dry yeast
about 15g of cumin seeds

  1. Combine flour with water in a large bowl. Mix only to combine ingredients. Cover and set aside for 20-30 minutes at room temperature.
  2. After this time, sprinkle the dough with salt, dry yeast and cumin. Mix the dough with a hook mixer. Fold the bread dough: stretch it and put on it several times, until salt, yeast and cumin are mixed well in the bread dough. The entire process of folding the dough should take about 5 minutes.
  3. Set aside the dough for 5 hours fermentation (rising), during which the dough should be folded twice: 10 minutes after standing and then after another hour. Form the bread dough between the assemblies and afterwards into a ball and place in a bowl, cover with a kitchen cloth, set aside in a warm place. After 5 hours after mixing, the dough should triple in volume.
  4. Take out the dough, divide it into 2 equal parts, fold again and form 2 round loaves. Sprinkle the round baskets for rising dough (each basket for 500 g dough) with wheat flour mixed with rice flour half-half. Carefully move the bread dough into the baskets, trying to keep the round shape upside down (the top of the loaves will now be at the bottom of the baskets). Cover the entire basket together with the dough with a kitchen cloth (so that the dough does not dry out) and put it in a warm place to rise, which will take about 75 minutes. Note: the rising time for you may vary, you need to feel the right moment, even 15 minutes over the proper rising time can cause the bread to fall. 
  5. 45 minutes before baking, heat the cast iron dish with the lid at the highest oven temperature (the best is a dutch oven, which creates the best bread baking environment, as in professional bakery ovens). You can also bake bread on a stone for pizza or on a baking tray (then you can bake both loaves at once). I baked my bread in a glass roaster, I greased it with a coconut spray oil before placing the dough. I baked two loaves of bread at once but if you need to bake them separately put one of the loaves into the fridge (and take it off just before baking).
  6. Unwrap the loaf from the kitchen cloth and carefully transfer to a hot cast iron dish, cut slightly (cutting is not necessary, then the bread will break by itself). Bake at 245ºC for 30 minutes undercover, then 20 minutes without the lid. The bread should have a well-baked colour (note: the baking time should always be adapted to your oven).
  7. Put the bread on the cooling rack.
Bon Appetit! 

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