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A week ago I bought a used pine wardrobe/cupboard from Ikea. In a beautiful rustic style. On my dishes for photo sessions, which are slowly beginning to grow at an alarming rate. A few days later I was browsing the H&M Home website and checked the new items in the home section. I noticed these wonders: simple, bright plates made of stoneware. I had to buy them because I dreamed about them for a long time. I have already seen in my imagination how I place them on a table covered with a linen tablecloth. Not just for taking photos. But also to be able to eat tasty food in plates that are pleasing to the eye. I like the cake stand the most - it first landed in my basket. And you know what, I couldn't stop looking at it right after opening the package. I could already see simple chocolate cakes, biscuits with delicate creams, carrot cake... The only thing I regret (and I don't even know why I did it) is that I only bought one large plate. I probably wanted to see how it looks like, how big it is and buys another one later .... and here the surprise haha ​​it's not on sale anymore...
And yes, of course, I took pictures. I just had to. The more that the sun shone beautifully in the window of my studio. Anyway, see for yourself :)

 * Wase - a bottle from whiskey 

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