Pittenweem Chocolate Company

Do you know that chocolate melts below human body temperature? That is why it melts so wonderfully in your mouth. He is also a well-known aphrodisiac. It can also speed up your heartbeat more than a kiss. Chocolate is healthy, but unfortunately only the dark one. It helps cough because it contains theobromine and does not contain cholesterol despite the high-fat content.

Pittenweem Chocolate Company - the kingdom of hand-made chocolate straight from a small fishing village in Fife, Pittenweem. Sophie Latinis created it out of love for chocolate and fair trade products.
You might buy the chocolate products straight from the website or you can also visit the small coastal village of Pittenweem by yourself and drop in for hot chocolate, coffee, chat at The Cocoa Tree Shop. During the sunny, warm days you might sit outside and enjoy, for example, the cup of tea.

I discovered this place during my Sunday's walk through Fife Coastal Path. I felt in love with dark chocolate with chilli - sweet, warming and very tasty. But this time I wanted to try something different so I choose cardamom luxurious hot chocolate, candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate (each of them separately packed), 64% cardamom dark chocolate.


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